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| Blue Box Office ( under construction )

アルミ遮熱シートの天井による光の拡散/Blue Box Office - Eureka *E

A community-symbiotic workplace building made of wood, built on a north-facing sloping land in a dense residential district.The ground floor is a space open to the surroundings, with wooden structural frames spanning the retaining concrete wall, while the upper floor is an office space with light streaming in from the south.Natural light is introduced through the truss beam combining steel and wood at the top of the roof. In addition, light shelves that reflect and diffuse natural light while allowing it to pass through create a workspace filled with indirect natural light.The spiral skip floor along the slope of the land creates a three-dimensional office space that is continuous with the local community.




>> Blue Box Office | Completion Photos 竣工写真


Blue Box Office_model photo/Eureka

Blue Box Office Sectional perspective drawing/Eureka

Blue Box Office 平面図/Eureka

Blue Box Office(ブルームアカウンティング/青山裕之公認会計士事務所) アイソメ(建築空間の構成) - Eureka

工事前敷地写真 - Blue Box Office - Eureka *E

敷地航空写真/基礎工事 Blue Box Office - Eureka

Blue Box Office 土地の傾斜に沿った基礎スラブ/Eureka

Blue Box Office 基礎/コンクリート擁壁と木造軸組み - Eureka *E

Blue Box Office 建て方/トラス梁 - Eureka

Blue Box Office 鉄骨トラス梁と登り梁 - Eureka

Blue Box Office コンクリート擁壁と木造フレーム - Eureka

Blue Box Office 外観(工事中) - Eureka *E

Blue Box Office 鉄骨トラス梁と屋根 - Eureka

Blue Box Office 光のリフレクターと曲面天井(工事中) - Eureka *E

Blue Box Office 1階(工事中) - Eureka *E

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Photographs | © Ookura Hideki / Kurome Photo Studio (if not otherwise specified as *E(Eureka)

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