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| Traveling Exhibition in Residential Districts "Tokyo"  ("10 emerging architects Madrid>Tokyo")

10 emerging architects Madrid > Tokyo
"10 emerging architects Madrid>Tokyo"展 @ 千住芸術村

展覧会@Around the Corner Grain | Eureka
"10 emerging architects Madrid>Tokyo"展 @ Around the Corner Grain

- CODA Computational Design Affairs
- elii
- Gonzalo del Val
- jaen+santabárbara arquitectos
- Miguel Ángel Rupérez
- moreu mestre arquitectos
- estudio deespacioarquitectura
- ruiz pardo-nebreda
- Taller Abierto arquitectos






展覧会@Around the Corner Grain

展覧会@Around the Corner Grain 室内

"10 emerging architects Madrid>Tokyo"
Working as an architect in recent years in Spain seems not to have been a relaxing task. Spain was one of the countries where the finantial crisis of 2008 more affected the architecture practice. From the wildness in the building construction, the situation passed quickly to the absolute lack of public and private funding, which led to the paralyzation of almost every started work and the practical impossibility of propose any new architectural intervention. At that time, training in architecture still encouraged students to become renowned figures. A new generation of spanish architects was about to come out from the schools. They would meet a different and harsh reality. They should face the emergency brought about by real estate speculation and short-term projection.
This exhibition brings together the practice of 10 different young architecture studios from Madrid. They were established less than 10 years ago, date that coincides with the bursting of the housing bubble in Spain. The intention is to show their response to the challenges arised in their early years of practice. It has been attempted to cover simultaneously all phases of this first decade of practice, thus the display includes architects who are now less than 30 years old, and also others whose offices were established in 2006.
Through photos, drawings, plans, texts, models and publications, different works and projects are presented in this display, covering from large international projects, through refurbishments, even won competitions that were never built, thus presenting a wide range of approaches and realities. This variety is intended to be a 'call to action', by emphasizing the process through which each project could finally be built, showing through the optimism the method followed to keep on working during these early years as architects. Some reflections on the role that architects will adopt in a very close future could arise from here. New prospect for them seem to be arising.

Curated in collaboration with jaen+santabárbara arquitectos | 2016
Designed in collaboration with jaen+santabárbara arquitectos, ARCO architects | 2016
Photographs | © Ookura Hideki / Kurome Photo Studio

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